EmbryoScope® Time-lapse System

The EmbryoScope® Time-lapse system is a unique platform facilitating improved IVF treatment, flexible work routines and effective communication, through comprehensive documentation of embryo development and evolving improvements in selection.

The EmbryoScope® Time-lapse system allows the uninterrupted culture of embryos whilst maximizing the amount of embryo development information collected.  Evolving Selection criteria are helping clinics worldwide to improve their IVF practise. We are building a platform which is the basis for Improved IVF treatment and Clinic digitization.

Below, you will find the technical specifications of the system by clicking the link.

Embryoscope Time-lapse system Technical specifications


Operating range

Embryo Monitoring System with Time-lapse image capture

Six disposable EmbryoSlide®trays holding 12 embryos each
Individual slides may be inserted and removed independently
W × D × H (60.3 × 56.0 × 43.5) cm / (23.7 × 22 × 17.2) in
55 kg / 121 lbs
110 or 220V


Image acquisition

Built-in microscope


Illumination for image acquisition
Time between acquisitions


Automated focussing

Leica 20 x 0.40 LWD Hoffman Modulation contrast objective
specialized for 635 nm illumination
1280 × 1024 pixels, 3 pixels per μm, monochrome, 8-bit
< 0.5 s per image, using single 1W red LED (635 nm)

10 min cycle time for six slides = < 60 embryos, 12 min. with 72 embryos (7 focal planes)


Tri-gas incubator

Active air circulation
Volatile organic compounds


Integrated in instrument

30 °C to 45 °C ± 0.2 °C
5% to 20% ± 0.2 %
2% to 10% ± 0.2 %
Full purification/regeneration of gas volume every 10 minutes
Removed by Whatman Carbon Cap™ active carbon filter
Removed by HEPA filter which retains 99.97% particles >0.3 μm


Incubator control

Data acquisition
Operating system
Data exchange
Data format for measurements
Data format for images


Independent failure proof embedded system controls vital systems

Intel Core duo T2300E 1.66 Ghz 2Gb ram, fanless embedded PC
100Mb Ethernet
Microsoft ®
Ethernet and front port for USB connection
Excel worksheets
12.1” embedded touch screen 1024 × 600
Continuous internal system integrity check of separate subsystems of the instrument as an added safety feature.